Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

We are pleased to share our Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016

It was an exciting year with many changes and great progress for Lakeshore Regional Entity (LRE).  As a Medicaid Behavioral Specialty Services Health Plan (Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan), one of ten in Michigan, the LRE is at the epi-center of state-wide discussions pertaining to integration of behavioral and physical healthcare, alternative funding models, administrative efficiencies, all to improve the health and healthcare experience for those served in the Lakeshore region. As we participate and proceed in the ongoing discussions, our focus is squarely on improving the lives of these we serve and the organizations which serve them. 

The LRE is evaluated through a variety of measures in our contract with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Health Services Advisory Group, the External Quality Review Organization under contract with the MDHHS, and are preparing for future accreditation review from NCQA, the leading national accrediting body for Health Plans. We are an organization that is committed to excellence, integrity, public accountability and continuous improvement. 

Most importantly we are evaluated by the persons we serve, our member Community Mental Health Service Providers (CMHSPs), the entire regional network of provider organizations, and communities that comprise the Lakeshore Region. This report reflects the diligent efforts of both Board and staff at LRE as we strive to improve our performance. We thank our member CMHSPs (Allegan CMH, HealthWest, Network 180 Ottawa CMH and West Michigan CMH) and our regional provider network for their continued support in finding ways to better serve consumers and work together efficiently.  Together, we will continue to work collaboratively throughout the region to improve healthcare in our region.  

We look forward to continued progress and improvements in the coming year. 

Sincerely, Jeffrey L. Brown, Chief Executive Officer

Stan Stek, Executive Board President