Cherry St incl MAT program Musk.

Tue, November 6, 2018

Musk MAT: records in GR.

UM attending.

10/17/18: 9-4:30 (Cherry Health Main office, 4 LRE Clinical staff reviewers and 2 LRE HR reviewers) (Pam, Kathy, Jeff, Rebecca, ½ Syd). Carrie/UM
9-12 (1 HR reviewer will perform a quick rights review at Sheldon hours, Leonard St, and S. Side clinic then return to assist the other LRE reviewer with the HR review) (Syd).
10/18/18: 9-12: 1-2 reviewers to finish up clinical charts if necessary (No Rebecca, Jeff, Kevin/Kathy)
9-12: 1 reviewer to perform rights review on site at Holland Clubhouse and Muskegon MAT program (Syd).

I have the following programs listed as receiving CMHSP funding, but if there are additions or deletions please let me know:

Clubhouse-Holland (3 clinical charts)
Clubhouse- Sheldon house (3 clinical charts)
Sage-Beh. health home (3 clinical charts)
Nuevo Camino-Beh. health home (3 clinical charts)
Durham -Beh. Health home (3 clinical charts)
Heart of the City: Outpatient Therapy (4 clinical charts)
Leonard St.: Recovery Management (4 clinical charts)
Leonard St.: Family Engagement (4 clinical charts)
Southside Clinic: (4 clinical charts-Counseling?)
Targeted Case Management (want to review those not in a behavioral health home.-5 clinical charts)
Muskegon Recovery Center: MAT program (4 clinical charts)
Policy review

2 HR files per program.

Requested spreadsheet of each consumer and each staff for each of the programs listed above that would be appreciated. The LRE will then randomly select which consumer and staff records will be reviewed (we will let you know about a week beforehand which ones will be selected).