Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Program Transition

The Heightened Scrutiny process is a separate part of the Habilitation Supports Waiver (HSW) Corrective Action Process.  

The LRE reviews CAPs for the Out of Compliance HSW Providers. Information for this has already been sent out by the LRE and Site Reviews have started.  

The State is going to be doing a similar process for those providers in Heightened Scrutiny. The way certain questions were answered on the original HSW survey completed in 2016 triggered certain surveys to move to Higher Scrutiny. The State, in partnership with Michigan State University, will be working on the CAP process for these.  

Below is some information from the State’s website about the process. This information can also be found at http://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-71547_2943-334724--,00.html . 

Question: What will be the process to apply for Heightened Scrutiny?  

MDHHS ResponseProviders will be notified if they require a Heightened Scrutiny (HS) review.  

An MDHHS representative will reach out to the provider and the participant to determine 

1). If the participant wishes to remain in the setting and 

2). If the provider wishes to submit to the HS process.  

If the answers to both questions are yes then the MDHHS rep. will work with the provider to gather evidence needed to determine whether the state of Michigan believes that the setting is home and community based. Some of this evidence may be reviewed remotely. MDHHS may review policies and other documents electronically. A site visit will also occur.  

Once the evidence is gathered a review committee will review the evidence and make a recommendation to MDHHS related to whether the setting is home and community based. MDHHS will review all the available information, including the recommendations of the review committee and make the final determination.  

If MDHHS believes that the setting has proven that it is home and community based the provider information will be published for public comment allowing the public to provide any information they may have related to the setting and whether it is HCB. Should MDHHS believe that the setting can meet the standards outlined by CMS the evidence will be submitted to CMS who will make the final determination about the providers eligibility to provide HCB services

LRE HCBS Contact Information

Email: hcbs@lsre.org
Phone: 231-769-2857

More Information

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