Thu, October 25, 2018

Supported employment
Electronic record

This year’s review will have one Utilization Management LRE Reviewer looking at ACT services. Their tool is attached (non-emergent LOC form) and they will be reviewing 6-10 cases. There will be an additional 3 LRE staff to review 5 ACT clinical charts, 5 supported employment charts, 2 HR supported employment files, and 2 HR ACT files. I attached the tools for this part of the review (please note the HR tool is missing some specific trainings that will be required and are found in attachment I of the contract depending on the clinical staff you select). Additionally, we will only be looking at the rights and policy section of the residential site review tool. I would also like to know if you have paper files or are they electronic? If electronic, we would need access to the records for our 4 team members (we have internet connection and laptops).