Wedgwood FY19 3 staff, Jeff

Tue, August 27, 2019

ALERT: This email was received from a source outside of LRE. Please consider the risks before clicking any links or opening attachments. Day2
Antonini, Summit VanAndel, VanderArk, Parramore: A, B, Chartx2. 7-9hrs: 2 staff/2 homes ea.

MI Op, SUD op, TFCBT, IOP, CLS, X2 clinical ea, 10 hrs;
x10 HR (2 ea service), 6hrs; HRx4 res, 2 hrs: 8hrs
Clinical residential Charts electronic??
3 staff: 2program charts, 1 HR charts

(review HR on Day 2 if can review homes clinical charts on Day 1)

27th X3

28th x3+Kevin?