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Direct Care Staff Training Requirements Consent to Share Information for Care Coordination Common Contract Documents IPOS Training Verification Form ABA Provider Facility Review Crisis Residential - Chart Review Crisis Residential - Program Specific CMH Credentialing - Licensed Staff CMH Credentialing Review - Non-licensed Staff Non-AFC Facility Review Tool Specialized Residential Facility Review SUD Chart Review SUD Facility Review Training and Credentialing Review Driving Accidents Missing Persons Pets in a Residential Setting Pets in a Family (AFC) Home Medical Emergency/Death Reporting Abuse and Neglect SAMPLE Bio-Terrorism SAMPLE Bomb Threat Plan SAMPLE Severe Weather Plan SAMPLE Water/Flood/Power/Emergency Plan SAMPLE Emergency Shelter Plan SAMPLE Weekly Meal Plan Bio-Terrorism Plan FILLABLE Bomb Threat Plan FILLABLE SAMPLE Tornado Drill Log SAMPLE Vehicle Maintenance Checklist SAMPLE Emergency Bag Checklist Control Substance Count Report of Death Fire Drill Record Tornado Drill Log FILLABLE Alternative Meal Example Performance Evaluation Medical Release Form Spill Kit/Emergency Bag Content Lists Portable Emergency Flashlight Michigan Whistleblower’s Act Michigan Sharps Collection Information SAMPLE Spill Kit